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Our Story!

Our story begins with Bel, a proud mother of seven, whose passion for cleanliness and a desire to make a difference in her community led her to establish Hunter Valley Pristine Cleans.

Launching as a small, family-owned business, we had one mission: to deliver top-tier cleaning services that transform living and working spaces into havens of cleanliness. Over the years, we've grown by building trust and fostering relationships within The Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephen's, and Newcastle areas. Each of our over 50 satisfied customers is a testament to our commitment and dedication.

Today, we remain as passionate as ever, continuously evolving to meet our clients' needs, whilst staying true to our roots. Our story is not just about cleaning, it's about being a part of your community, and helping create spaces where you can live and work comfortably


Expert Staff

Our team consists of three expert staff members, each bringing a wealth of experience and a dedication to providing superior cleaning services to every job we undertake


Years Experience

With years of experience under our belts, we at Hunter Valley Pristine Cleans have honed our skills, knowledge, and techniques to deliver unparalleled cleaning services consistently.


Happy Clients

We take great pride in our strong base of happy clients, each one a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional cleaning services that leave spaces sparkling clean and customers delighted


Rooms Cleaned

Each one transformed into a sanctuary of cleanliness and hygiene, reflecting our meticulousness and dedication to our craft.

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